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    We entertain (the kids) so you don't have to!!



Welcome to
T-shirt Parties for
Wedding Receptions

     BRIDE AND GROOM...It's your wedding day. We are here to make sure your special day is not interrupted by joyful yet active kids. Let us entertain the kids while you focus on the most important day of your lives...your wedding day! We can entertain the kids at the reception for 2-3 hours while you capture your first memory together as husband and wife. We can even babysit for an additional fee per hour after the t-shirt party has ended!.

     Wedding planners...have you planned your wedding activities yet? Well...look no further. We would love to to give the kids attending the wedding an experience to remember while the Bride and Groom concentrate on the most important day of their lives!!!
We have a registered nurse and certified babysitters on staff so we can also provide babysitting services after the craft activity is completed.




Who's watching the kids?
Who's keeping them busy?
Who's entertaining the kids while you focus on the wedding reception?  

Enjoy your wedding day and avoid those little interruptions by the small guests. Let us entertain the kids so you donít have to!







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